Our Mission

Buddlet is a mission to save our planet.

It's as simple as that.

Buddlet is about bringing a community together to save our planet. We aim to bring activists and companies together to be able to provide everyone with the verified and reliable resources to implement eco-friendly habits into our lives. We want to show all the amazing eco-friendly things that can be done which could suit your lifestyle while also bringing justice to our environment. While we do this together Buddlet plans to plant real trees to match the virtual trees each person plants on their individual planet.
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Nadja Vitorovic

Co-founder & CEO

Our planet needs help and we have the resources to save it. My vision for Buddlet is to bring people together, I want to help the next generation on their journeys in saving our planet.

Ben Lumsden

Co-founder & CTO

Now more than ever it's important for activists to come together and make the right change for the environment. Buddlet is a platform to encourage activists to be proactive about our environment and become more aware of the eco-friendly alternatives on offer.

Lucas Tanner

Financial Advisor

It is clear it is time for a green revolution in society and young people are leading the way in environmental activism. I see Buddlet as the community in which the eco-friendly sense of our generation can be grown and shared.

Anouska Long

Content Manager

Climate change is not going away. Now is a better time than ever to act. We need people who care about the environment and want to find out what they can do to help to join us! I hope Buddlet can help bring together people and make everyone more aware of how they can live sustainably.

Charlotte Graham


Our generation is one of the most proactive in fighting climate change. Our goal for Buddlet is to make it clearer on how you can develop good habits and make a positive impact everyday.

Olivia Upcraft

Social Media Manager

Time is running out to save our planet. We need bold but accessible new ways to help the planet. Buddlet solves this by suggesting small, everyday changes that accumulate to a dramatic improvement in the environment. Buddlet makes it easier than ever for you to do your bit!